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naked romance is a fusion of poetry and music, featuring poetry and voice by Davida Singer with a jazz and classical-inspired score composed and performed by Santa Fe-based composer/pianist John Rangel. In this project, the two art forms -- poetry and music -- to breathe into one another, with each medium retaining its own integrity and distinct voice. Texts come from Singer's collection of poetry, naked romance and then some (Aldrich Press, 2015). 

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With today’s heightened violence in the U.S. and abroad, there is an urgent need to ease a sense of fear and isolation. Naked Romance and Then Some explores the yearning for connection in an increasingly disquieted and desensitized world. It is inspired by Singer’s experience of living in Taos, New Mexico, and by Barbara Ascher’s meditation on romance, Isn’t It Romantic (HarperCollins), a collection of essays on finding magic in everyday life.


A woman’s metaphysical journey at the turn of the 3rd millennium. Time blurs as we meet past and present lovers, and a mother with dementia.  Recent backdrops—9/11 and global warming— mirror personal frailty, and unsettled relationships become metaphors for a world of heightened disconnection. The future is dicey and hope lies in ordinary moments rekindled by the heart.


A blend of poetry, jazz and klezmer. $10. To order a copy, contact Davida Singer at davalta [at]

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